Required valuation documents

The surveyor requires numerous documents for a valuation report issue, which in general are in the possession of the property owner, or rather can be provide through him. The documents shall be placed at the disposal by the client (as original or copy).

In general

  • Current certificate of title (available at the land registry on the local court)
  • Cadastral map excerpt (available at the land surveying office)
  • Building permit documents (available at the building authority) with:
    • Site plan
    • Architectural drawings consisting of floor plans, view, sectional view, as possible in the scale 1:100
    • Calculation of areas (habitable and useful areas, gross floor space, DIN 277 standards)
    • Construction specifications
  • Inherited burden information (register of contaminated sites)
  • Public easement Information (register of public obligations)
  • Description of significant realized conversion/refurbishment in recent years, including date and costs
  • Energy certificate  (if available)

In case of apartment ownership or part-ownership

  • Declaration of partition (if applicable with addendum) including partition plan
  • Minutes of the last three ownership meetings
  • Information about the amount of the current sinking fund

In case of rented properties

  • Tenancy schedule (with information concerning net rent, lease term, date of last rent increase)
  • List of non-recoverable operating costs

On-site inspection

The surveyor is beholden to an individual on-site inspection of the properties and constructions.Therefore, access to all rooms should be provided (rented spaces, technical rooms, basement rooms, roof, etc.).

Time frame

For the assignment of the valuation report, a minimum of four weeks should be considered, depending on the processing volume after the on-site inspection and the availability of the complete documentation.


The fee is in principle negotiable. The BVS-Directive (German Association of publicly appointed and inaugurated surveyors), provide a fee spread for the calculation of several attainments for property appraisals. Occasionally the fee can be requested at the appraiser. The basic fee amounts at least 1500.00 € (net).


An authorisation is needed if the surveyor should provide any official document. A pre-printed form can be requested by our office.